More Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of your business, and allow you to continue to move your business forward. Without a plan to attract new consistent leads, your business stays stagnant.


If you build it,

they won't come...

To generate more leads, you need to get your message in front of more people, but not just any massage, we recommend a framework that helps you clarify your message to attract the right people.

  • Person
  • Problem
  • Promise
  • Proof

Here are four benefits of Genie Rocket

that make our CRM perfect for generating leads


Capture leads with web chat

Take advantage of traffic already coming to your website with our easy embedded SMS webchat widget. Webchat converts much higher than traditional web form and helps your prospect get in touch with you quickly. .


Build engaging quizzes

Inviting prospects to answer questions positions you as the expert and the guide, and is a great way to collect new lead information from your site visitor.


Collect email with forms

Use a drag and drop editor to quickly create forms you can put on your website to collect new lead information.


Capture leads on landing pages

With our drag and drop editor, you can create beautiful and effective landing pages to promote your product, service, or offer and collect leads and sales.

Simple to Use. Easy to Start.

Start generating more leads with Genie Rocket.